About Us


In 2016 Ms. Yara & Maya Badr decided to create a simple wear line where people can dress in comfort and style. 2 years later there was a small pause for the brand as the sisters wanted to grow their knowledge, learn every challenge and how to face it and come back with a brand image that is much stronger and sturdier. 

With courage, creativity, and perseverance they paved the way for a new vision of what fashion wear should look like, and today, with a fruitful partnership with Mrs. Fatma, Yamar is a distinctive fashion brand that stand out in the crowd with an exceptional style.

Yamar is distinguished by offering products that perfectly combine between high quality and affordable prices that meet every veiled & unveiled lady’s needs.



Yamar always aims for all women to feel self-confident, elegant and comfortable through our distinguished products. Our top priority is to meet our customers' evolving needs and continue to provide both veiled and non-veiled women across the region with high-quality products for a good value and a high-level of customer care.